Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frost On My Car

This last week has been below freezing every night, I can't stand it! So many of my plants have perished and I feel such guilt because I didn't cover them in time. The only beauty I have seen in this awful cold has been the patterns the ice made on my car last night. Yea, I am a wimp in the cold!








Monday, December 9, 2013





Muerta Girl Gourds

Yesterday I attended my friend Selena's first open studio/Pop Up Shop and it was amazing! Here are some links if you'd like to see more of her work:
















Sunday, December 1, 2013

Without Wipers in Sunny Seattle

It took several days to get back into the groove of my normal life after the craziest 9 days ever. I hadn't seen Angela for 18 years since I'd gone to visit her in Seattle. We'd been very good friends back in our PuNk RoCk days but had lost touch completely. We finally saw each other when she showed up at my vintage sale at the studio and I found out that she was in town to take care of her dying father.

Long story short, she flew me to Seattle to help her pack up and deal with 20 years of a life spent there and to get back to Sac as soon as possible. She picked me up in a vehicle without working wipers on a very rainy day and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of our days in Seattle.

Even longer story shortened: She has lots of stuff crammed into a very small apartment, 3 cats (one of which is very old and very sick), she has her own way of doing things, many loose ends to tie up, everything U-Haul related fell through, we fought, we had fun, we butted heads, we ate great food (Ethiopian, Vietnamese sandwiches and vegetarian Pho, her home-made concoctions), met some very interesting characters, we fought, we had facials and acupuncture (a lovely story for another time), stayed up late every night, chaos and frustration.......

After all of the possible combinations of rentals not working out we took her old beat-up Montero that was hit by a drunk driver and a deer and hit the road at 9pm with as much as we could cram into it, the 3 cats, a conveniently located litter box, and a passion-punch vapor "hooka".

It took us 2 days to reach Sacramento with the frequent Kitty stops and a luxurious stay at Super 8.
We sang songs from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou as the stereo was kaputz. I could never live with that crazy Gypsy Girl (real Rom) but I love her very much and am happy to have her back in my life!